Celebrity Educators: Top 10 YouTube Gurus Transforming Education!

While some choose to acquire knowledge exclusively within the confines of traditional schools, others opt for a broader educational experience through tutoring. Presently, one of the premier options available to students is learning through YouTube, facilitated by proficient educators. These YouTube channels boast extensive subscriber bases and offer instruction in a variety of subjects to enhance students’ horizons.

Today, we are delighted to introduce you to the ten most renowned YouTube educators:

  1. Khan GS Research Centre: Founded by Faizal Khan, known as Khan Sir, this channel made its YouTube debut on April 25th, 2019, and has garnered an impressive following of over 21 million subscribers.
  2. Dear Sir: Established by Mohammad Kashif and Adil Khan, Dear Sir commenced its YouTube journey on December 13, 2016, and currently boasts more than 16 million subscribers.
  3. Wifistudy Studios: This educational powerhouse, affiliated with Unacademy, ranks among India’s foremost educational YouTube channels, boasting a substantial 16 million subscribers.
  4. StudyIQ IAS: Another prominent educational YouTube channel in India, StudyIQ IAS enjoys a vast audience of over 15 million subscribers.
  5. Utkarsh Classes: Utkarsh Classes stands out as another widely recognized educational YouTube channel in India, amassing nearly 12 million subscribers.
  6. Physics Wallah: Addressing students preparing for engineering and medical entrance examinations, Physics Wallah was established by Alakh Pandey and has acquired more than 11 million subscribers.
  7. Drishti IAS: Founded by Vikas Divyakirti, Drishti The Vision Foundation was established on November 1, 1999, with the aim of providing Civil Services Aspirants access to comprehensive, up-to-date teaching resources and study materials. It currently boasts close to 11 million subscribers.
  8. SSC Maker: SSC Maker also enjoys popularity as an educational YouTube channel in India, with nearly 10 million subscribers.
  9. Let’s Learn: Managed by Himanshi Singh, Let’s Learn is a favored educational YouTube channel in India, with over 4 million subscribers.
  10. Gagan Pratap Maths: With almost 4 million subscribers, Gagan Pratap Maths completes our list as another well-received educational YouTube channel in India.”

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