“Government Shutdown Looms! Shocking Impact on Military, Law Enforcement, and More! 2023”

In the event that Congress fails to allocate funding for the fiscal year commencing on October 1, a significant number of U.S. government services may experience interruptions, and hundreds of thousands of federal employees could face unpaid furloughs. Here is a comprehensive overview of the potential consequences of a government shutdown and the individuals or sectors that might be impacted:

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  • Roughly two million U.S. military personnel would remain on active duty, but approximately half of the Pentagon’s 800,000 civilian workforce would be subject to furloughs.
  • Existing contracts would proceed according to schedule, allowing the Pentagon to initiate new orders for essential supplies or services essential for national security. However, new contracts, renewals, or extensions might be temporarily postponed, potentially leading to delays in payments to defense contractors like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and RTX (formerly known as Raytheon).
  • The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration would continue its responsibilities regarding the maintenance of nuclear weapons.


  • Agents at federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, DEA, and Secret Service would remain on active duty. Similarly, prison staff would continue their duties.
  • Criminal prosecutions, including those involving former President Donald Trump, would proceed as planned, while most civil litigation would be temporarily deferred.
  • Assistance to local police departments and the allocation of grants could experience delays.
  • Border Patrol agents, immigration enforcement officers, and customs officers would continue their operations, along with the Coast Guard.


  • Airport security screeners and air traffic controllers would be mandated to remain on the job, although absenteeism might become a concern. It’s worth noting that some airports had to suspend their operations during a previous shutdown in 2019 due to a high number of sick calls among air traffic controllers.
  • Training programs for aspiring air traffic controllers would be paused, potentially exacerbating the shortage of qualified personnel.
  • Certain significant infrastructure projects could face delays due to disruptions in environmental assessments and permitting procedures.


  • U.S. embassies and consulates would remain operational. The processing of passports and visas would continue as long as the available fees could cover operational costs. Non-essential official travel, speeches, and events would be scaled back.
  • Certain foreign aid programs might experience a depletion of funds.


  • The potential impact on the United States’ 63 national parks would vary. In a previous shutdown from 2018 to 2019, they remained open but with the closure of restroom facilities and information desks, and a suspension of waste disposal services. However, during a shutdown in 2013, they were completely closed.
  • Efforts to combat wildfires would continue, but sales of timber on national forest lands would be reduced, and fewer permits for recreational activities would be issued.
"Government Shutdown Looms! Shocking Impact on Military, Law Enforcement, and More!"
“Government Shutdown Looms! Shocking Impact on Military, Law Enforcement, and More!”


  • Scientific research initiatives would face disruption as agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration would furlough a significant portion of their workforce.
  • NASA would continue to provide support for the International Space Station and satellite tracking. However, approximately 17,000 out of 18,300 NASA employees would be subject to furloughs.
  • Essential functions, including weather forecasts, fisheries regulation, and patent and trademark reviews, would continue. Testing of new pharmaceuticals and medical devices would also proceed as planned.

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