Cricket’s Shocking Revelation: Why a Missing Left-Arm Seamer Could Haunt India’s World Cup Dreams!

New Delhi, September 8 (IANS) The absence of a single left-arm seamer in the current lineup for the 2023 World Cup at home has raised questions, including those of former Indian team bowler Bharat Arun.

Arun expressed his surprise, saying, “During our time, we made efforts to incorporate left-arm fast bowlers into the team. It was a constant desire. Arshdeep showed promise, but I’m unsure why he’s not in the squad. He left a lasting impression on me with his ability to bowl yorkers and generate late swing. He’s an exciting fast bowler, and I’m curious about his current whereabouts,” Arun revealed during an interview with ‘Cricket Basu’ on YouTube.

Bharat Arun, who played a pivotal role in bringing left-arm net bowler T. Natarajan into the Indian squad during the 2020-21 Australian tour due to the absence of key bowlers, credited Ravi Shastri for the decision. He disclosed, “These bowlers were initially supposed to return to India during the Covid period, but it was Ravi Shastri who halted the plan. This move provided us with an opportunity to give them exposure.”

However, Arun also emphasized that he has immense respect for the current pace attack led by Jasprit Bumrah and refrained from comparing it to previous World Cup bowling line-ups. He praised the current crop, stating, “Over the years, India has had both right and left-arm fast bowlers. We’re fortunate to have five or six bowlers capable of consistently bowling over 140 km/hr with ample experience. Bumrah’s success can be attributed to his ability to target the stumps.”

Speaking about Bumrah’s transition to Test cricket, Arun noted, “I’ve known Bumrah since his Under-19 days, and he always aspired to play Test cricket. I brought this to Ravi’s attention, and he discussed it with Virat and the selectors. While many considered him a limited-overs specialist, he proved his worth in Test cricket due to his pace, deception, and swing. His commitment to sacrificing junk food for increased speed and his unparalleled attention to detail have contributed to his success. Bumrah consistently aims to hit the stumps.”

Arun also shed light on the decision to employ five bowlers in Test matches, saying, “It wouldn’t be fair to attribute the idea of using five bowlers in Test matches solely to Virat Kohli. It was a team concept, driven by Virat’s aggressive approach. The belief was that if five batsmen and a quality wicketkeeper couldn’t deliver, then the bowlers should be capable of making an impact. Bowling plays a crucial role in taking 20 wickets to win a Test match, and expecting only four bowlers to do it consistently over five Tests isn’t reasonable.”

He added, “Virat and Ravi’s shared vision was to elevate India to the top in international cricket. To achieve this, we needed a strong and consistent fast bowling unit capable of excelling on various pitches. Rotation of bowlers was essential given the strenuous nature of fast bowling. We were also fortunate to have top-class spinners in R. Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. The combination of these factors made India’s bowling attack formidable, and I’m confident that this legacy will continue in the years to come.”

In conclusion, Bharat Arun stressed the importance of fitness, nurturing young fast bowling talent, effective rotation strategies, and the need for bowlers who can contribute with the bat to maintain India’s status as a top cricketing nation.

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