Secrets Unveiled: President’s Powerful Message to Teachers and Parents Will Change Education Forever!

On Tuesday, President Droupadi Murmu emphasized the shared responsibility of educators and parents in recognizing and nurturing each child’s unique talents with sensitivity.

Her remarks were delivered during the National Teachers’ Award 2022 ceremony, where she honored 75 outstanding educators for their significant contributions to the field of education. This event coincided with Teachers’ Day, celebrated on September 5th to commemorate the birth of India’s first Vice-President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

During her address, President Murmu underlined the immense trust parents place in teachers when they entrust their children to their care, hoping for individualized attention and affection. She stated, “It is incumbent upon both teachers and parents to identify each child’s distinct abilities and facilitate their development with care. It is a great privilege for every teacher to have the opportunity to nurture the growth of 40-50 children in a classroom.”

The President stressed the pivotal role of teachers in shaping the nation’s future, noting that quality education is considered a fundamental right for every child. She pointed out that the National Education Policy 2020 unequivocally underscores the importance of teachers as nation-builders.

To promote balanced child development, President Murmu introduced the “three-H formula,” where ‘heart’ signifies sensitivity, human values, character strength, and morality; ‘head’ represents mental development, reasoning skills, and academic proficiency; and ‘hand’ stands for the respect for manual skills and physical labor. She asserted that holistic child development hinges on emphasizing this comprehensive approach.

Furthermore, President Murmu emphasized the enduring impact teachers have on their students, emphasizing that love and affection are often more lasting than knowledge. She highlighted that the praise, encouragement, or discipline children receive from teachers linger in their memories, even if they may not fully appreciate it in the moment.

The President acknowledged the historical achievements of Indian luminaries such as Charak, Sushruta, Aryabhata, Pokhran, and Chandrayaan-3, emphasizing how teachers and students draw inspiration from their legacy to envision grand aspirations and work towards a brighter national future.

She also underscored the significance of increasing the representation of female teachers among award recipients to empower women further. “Promoting female students and teachers is essential for women’s empowerment,” she emphasized.

This year, the awards were expanded to include educators from higher education and skill education for the first time. The winners had the privilege of meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi the previous day.

Among the notable awardees were Arti Qanungo from Delhi, Chetna Khambete from Madhya Pradesh, Mujib Rehman from Kerala, Asiya Farooqui from Uttar Pradesh, Sunita Singh from Odisha, and Sheela Asopa from Rajasthan, among others.

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