Explosive Showdown: Tamil Nadu Leader Takes on Ancient Traditions!

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin issued a robust response on Thursday, defending the statements made by his cabinet colleague and son, Udhayanidhi Stalin, regarding ‘Sanatan Dharma.’ He asserted that these remarks were aimed at challenging principles that discriminate against Scheduled Castes, tribals, and women. In a comprehensive statement, the leader of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) pointed out that several prominent Indian leaders, such as Thanthai Periyar, Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, and Babasaheb Ambedkar, have historically spoken out against regressive Sanatan ideologies that justify discrimination based on one’s birth.

Stalin remarked, “Even as we embark on endeavors like Chandrayaan to the Moon, certain individuals persist in promoting caste discrimination, emphasizing social hierarchy rooted in Varnashrama principles and citing ancient texts to support their sectarian claims.”

“Udhayanidhi spoke out against these oppressive ideologies and called for the elimination of practices founded upon such ideologies,” he added.

What Udhayanidhi specifically stated about Sanatan Dharma sparked a major political controversy earlier this month. In a video that circulated on social media, the Tamil Nadu Minister and DMK leader called for the eradication of Sanatana Dharma, a set of duties and a way of life prescribed in Hinduism, in order to establish social justice and equality.

Addressing a gathering of the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association in Chennai, Udhayanidhi stated in Tamil, “Certain things cannot be merely opposed; they must be completely abolished. We cannot merely oppose dengue, mosquitoes, or COVID-19; we must eradicate them. Similarly, we must eradicate Sanatana Dharma. Instead of merely opposing it, we should work towards its eradication.”

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) launched a vehement attack on Udhayanidhi, alleging that he was advocating for genocide, a claim that Stalin dismissed as a “false narrative.”

Stalin also criticized the Uttar Pradesh government for not taking action against Ayodhya seer Paramhans Acharya, who offered a ₹10 crore reward for beheading Udhayanidhi.

In response to reports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged his colleagues to combat falsehoods and attacks on matters of faith, Stalin expressed disappointment, stating, “In these circumstances, it is disheartening to hear from the national media that the Hon’ble Prime Minister mentioned that Udhayanidhi’s remarks need a proper response during a meeting of his council of ministers.”

Stalin questioned whether the Prime Minister, with access to ample resources for verification, was speaking without awareness of the falsehoods spread about Udhayanidhi or whether he was doing so knowingly.

The Chief Minister also suggested that the opposition bloc INDIA seemed to have unsettled Prime Minister Modi, who was proposing ‘One Nation – One Election’ out of apprehension.

“It is evident that the BJP is not genuinely concerned about discriminatory practices in Sanatan but rather desperate to create divisions within the opposition alliance. It doesn’t take a political genius to recognize this as a political gimmick.”

Udhayanidhi Stalin, who faced intense criticism from the BJP over his alleged anti-Sanatan Dharma remarks, launched a counteroffensive against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing the saffron party leaders of distorting his statements made at a writers’ conference in Chennai. He highlighted that the BJP’s promises over the last nine years have remained unfulfilled, and his statements were being manipulated as a shield by the party to protect itself.

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